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Heyplay makes it a breeze to create and play simple multiplayer browser games. It's a platform that brings gamers together and turns them into creators. Unleashing passion for games in a fun, developing & inviting way.

Hey, who wants to play? 🎮

Ultimate gaming recipe, now upgraded

IO games are a phenomenon that has conquered the Internet: fun & simple gameplay with competition against real people — anytime, on any device and for free. Heyplay supercharges it with platform features: game marketplace, leaderboards, seasons, invitations, chat, steamlined controls & more.

Any ideas? Turn them into games! 🚀

Start without a degree, level up & unleash your creativity

Assemble your first game in minutes — right in the browser, guided by tutorials & Discord community. Take advantage of baked-in graphics, physics and multiplayer. Try it out, refine, share & publish — all with just a click.

Explore complete editor docs & courses to advance your games beyond imagination. Keep players involved via exciting updates, time-capped seasons and leaderboards. Earn your share when you hit the jackpot.

Building own multiplayer browser game used to be hard due to a massive list of challenges in development and operations... Not anymore — Heyplay has it all covered.

Editor For starters, you need an editor (a.k.a. IDE) to make your game in. Heyplay provides a powerful zero-setup online editing with first-class support for TypeScript (syntax coloring & autocomplete like in VSCode). Plus integrated versioning, errors and docs. Scripting Script is the heart of every game — describing how it starts and evolves over time, how players move, how they score or meet their doom... Heyplay relies on TypeScript, a convenient & widely recognized scripting language, to turn ideas into games. Graphics & animation Games are all about motion — eye catching and buttery smooth. And in case of competitive multiplayer — well-synchronized and responsive too. Heyplay comes with simple ways for making things move and hardware accelerated, cross-platform graphics engine. Collision detection Here's the shocking revelation: moving objects in the game tend to run into each other. What then? Heyplay comes with a simplified & friendly way to track collisions and react to them without requiring advanced understanding of physics or a math degree. Input handling From computers with keyboard & mouse through touchscreen smartphones and tablets to gamepads — there are many ways to control the game. Heyplay unifies them all and swiftly passes signals from any gaming platform straight to the game script. Real-time networking Making players participate in the same multiplayer game — regardless if there are 3 or 30 of them, no matter if they’re on broadband or 3G, without constant delays or hiccups — is one of most complex gamedev challenges. Hayplay covers it out of the box. Match-making Every multiplayer game must have a way to bring players together into the same instance — preferably one close by and not overloaded. Or maybe a specific one using invitation link? Heyplay brings players together — it only takes one click on the Play button. In-game chat What fun would multiplayer be without being able to communicate? That’s why every game instance on Heyplay has a real-time chat baked into it — nicely integrated into the game UI, eliminating the need for 3rd party apps (not that they’re not welcome). World-wide deployment When it comes to ping time & input lag in multiplayer, the key is server location & each player’s distance from it. Heyplay runs the same game seamlessly in multiple instances deployed across the globe to stay close to players no matter where they are. Bugfixing Many things will go wrong when building a game — simple typos, logical mistakes, infinite loops, out of memory issues… Both when developing and after. Heyplay gathers all the errors, shows where they’ve happened and allows to release a fix in no time. Anti-cheat Unfair competition is a real buzzkill. Heyplay battles cheating on multiple fronts so that games cannot be tampered with to gain advantage, mess up the score or see more than the others. Also, pay-to-play or pay-to-win is not welcome here. Server ops Zero-downtime deployment, security patches, hardware failures, monitoring... It gets hot out there in the cloud. Heyplay replaces a highly specialized DevOps team and covers all the server administration chores so you can focus on the creative part.

Heyplay = booster for everyone

Gamedev dream

Turning own ideas into real games is a dream shared by many — gamers, kids, engineers, students, geeks... Heyplay makes it a reality for anyone.

Coding made easy

From logical thinking and problem solving to actual coding — gamedev with Heyplay converts passion into highly anticipated real world skills.

Bonding journey

Multiplayer gaming, in-game chat, game sharing & marketplace, Discord servers... Heyplay helps gamers and game makers connect together.

Heyplay is a revolutionary way to cross the line between casual gaming & game creation. Join free beta now to become an early adopter and help shaping Heyplay's future.

Hi! My name is Karol Słuszniak. I'm the owner of Cloudless Studio, a passionate software engineer and gaming enthusiast.

After farming some web + mobile + game dev exp, I've founded Heyplay with ❤️ for gaming, coding, mixing the two, enabling others to do so and making the impossible possible. 🚀